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We break the ice — Dating apps such as Tinder can lead to awkward first conversations and even more uncomfortable first dates.Ice Breakers is all about breaking the ice and since the TV campaign focuses on people's proximity to one another — going from Public Space to Personal Space and finally to Ice Breakers Space — this digital extension seamlessly brings that to life.You never know where a glass of nutritious milk with Hershey’s Syrup can take you, so pour a glass and stir up a conversation.Role: Concept, Design & Art Direction You bring the date.Check out the full campaign at Get Bloody Adweek LBBOnline Adformatie Creativepool Marketing Tribune The Daily Meal I like to doodle. Check out Doodles By Jess (@vanillacooldance) and decide for yourself.Here's a peek into my mind, my life and my insights about the world. No Innocent Bystander — A VR campaign that drops users in the middle of a disaster zone right after a crisis occurs.Stahl has one other sibling, her younger brother Jeffrey.After high school, Stahl enrolled at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she graduated, cum laude, in 1963.

In the case of a match, oh happy day — get to work, lovebirds.

After a stint in the news department of a Boston television station, Stahl was hired by CBS and relocated to Washington, where she cut her teeth as a national reporter covering the Watergate break-in and its aftermath.

Stoll revealed that he and Andrews, whom met through NFL star-turned-Kelly Ripa cohost Michael Strahan, have actually been dating for a while—because they had a lovely time together pre-Valentine's Day!

Enterprising people all over the world are creating business plans for their particular dating schemes (How About We Only Date Beautiful People With Dogs Who Knit), and the latest, which launched yesterday in New York and San Francisco, is one that incorporates some of the magic of a site we all know and love, that is, Craigslist — and, most specifically, Missed Connections.

The site, Street, promises that “love is just around the corner,” and also that geolocation capabilities will change the dating game forever. who you’d actually want to meet and, if all goes well, date.

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