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Well, today I am going to try and help you answer that question for yourself.

From the late twenties until the late seventies, Shakespeare reels had a two letter date code stamped on the reel, usually near the model number.

Without this time and date, So Sorry does not appear in the Art Club Room.

Artist and Stranger Genius Award recipient Susie Lee founded the Seattle-based company in 2014, which recently brought in 0,000 in seed funding.

Four to five other angel investors are joining in the round, for a total of 0,000.

“Siren strongly resonated with the directors of the fund [Half the World Holdings], who saw the investment opportunities in businesses focused on women at the critical stages of their lives.

Shakespeare reel date codes By Flyguy How old is my Shakespeare reel and what is it worth?

I think this is one of the more common questions asked here at Fishing Talks.

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