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So, when things get steamy over Skype, ask her to dress the part.

Seriously, she's tweeting my sexts and digits all over town and I'm totally not ROTFL because my wife is catching on.As an acknowledged expert on the intersection of sex, relationships and technology, I sometimes find myself conversing in what sounds like a foreign language.In fact, a few weeks ago I was explaining to a group of fellow clinicians the need for them to understand what it means when a client looks at them and says something like: "I was doing J-Date on the DL and my wife didn't know because I kept it to sexts and i CU2.He edited out a voiceover that he described as “as illiterate and hateful a text as I have ever heard committed to film”, and released the result in 2007 as a “found footage” documentary called (US slang for a public bathroom in which men meet to have anonymous sex).The footage reveals that the men involved were diverse in appearance – and presumably background – but all were wary.

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